A Labour government will get more homes built and get a fairer deal for renters


Part of our plan to help our families and communities to thrive

Everyone should be able to live in a secure home, whether they rent or buy. Sadly, for too many people, this is not the situation they face at the moment.

Young people and families are unable to get their start on the housing ladder, while the millions who rent privately are facing insecurity, poor standards and rising rent payments.

We must build more homes and get a fairer deal for renters. Here’s how a Labour government will achieve this:

We will get more homes built

  • We will create a £5 billion ‘Future Homes Fund’ to build homes that local people need and we will make sure first-time buyers are first in line. We will give local authorities the power to give first call to first-time buyers on new homes in areas of housing growth.
  • We will get 200,000 homes built a year by 2020, almost double the current level, to close the gap between the number of homes we build and the number of homes we need. This will also provide up to 230,000 jobs in construction.
  • We will introduce new ‘use it or lose it’ land powers for local authorities so no developer can sit on land without building on it.
  • We will back small builders through our ‘Help to Build’ scheme and get the public sector building again.
  • We will build more affordable homes by prioritising capital investment for housing and reforming the council house financing system.
  • We will give local authorities powers to reduce the number of empty homes, including higher council tax on long-term empty properties.
  • We will start to build a new generation of garden cities to boost the number of homes we need.
  • We will take steps to deal with the causes of homelessness and rough sleeping.

We will introduce a fairer deal for renters

  • We will introduce a ceiling on excessive rent rises and make stable three-year tenancies the rule, not the exception.
  • We will ban rip-off letting fees, saving renters over £600.
  • We will create a national register of private landlords to drive up standards of rental properties and drive out rogue landlords.